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100% Guaranteed YouTube Results In 30 Days

7Coaching helps you grow your YouTube channel the right way.

hire youtube coach service

More Views, More Subscribers, More Income

The 7Coaching service offers a fantastic, risk-free option for creators aiming for success. Myself & the team will analyze your YouTube channel, providing transformative insights and recommendations. I’ll help you develop a winning content strategy to attract and engage your target audience, supporting you every step of the way.

This Is For Those Who…

  • Want to boost YouTube subscribers and views.
  • Are shifting YouTube from a hobby to a business.
  • Aim to create standout niche content.
  • Seek larger audience recognition.
  • Focus on expanding channel impact.
  • Strive to improve video quality and engagement.
  • Are mastering YouTube’s algorithm for visibility.
hire youtube coach service

hire youtube coach service

David – 2500 subscribers

Jamie’s direction helped me see what areas I needed to focus on. We landed 2 sponsors later that month. Highly recommended.

hire youtube coach service

Lucie – 21K subscribers

The coaching sessions were very eye-opening. Thank you!

hire youtube coach service

Marcelo – 800 subscribers

Really good session – The AI channel has got 4 times the amount of views it did last month. I will book again soon.

YouTube Channel Review

£139.99 £49.99

An In-Depth Review From The Experts

Actionable Recommendations

Competitor Analysis

Content Strategy & Review

Exclusive Bonus Materials

30 Day Channel Mastery

£299.99 £125.99

Include All Features Of The Free Package Plus;

4 Zoom / Whatsapp Sessions Each Month

Content Strategy Development

Advanced Metadata Coaching

Business & Income Growth Enhancement

hire youtube coach service